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App Development

The customer can launch their own business using the ready-made, fully-compiled, customized 99acres clone script. The 99acres clone app includes crucial features like an intuitive user interface, a personalized admin panel, and an interactive solution for both customers and agents.

99acres - App Development

When looking for a Real Estate app development company, a large investment is required to develop an app from scratch, whereas on-demand app solutions like 99acres and Script are the appropriate choice to be fully utilized in your upcoming Real Estate business. The 99acres clone Application from Omninos is a ready-made, bug-free, and white-labeled Real Estate application solution that works for both Agents and Customers and includes a Website Admin Panel.

Our Package Includes

The transportation industry is currently changing as a result of rapidly increasing traffic. People now believe in the public transportation industry, such as cabs or real estate services. In today's fast-paced world, technology has quietly influenced life, and the public transportation industry has now reached a new level that is equipped with modern technology.

  • Development of the main website.

  • The Agent has an iOS app.

  • The Agent has an Android app

  • Web Panel for Agents

  • The Rider iOS App.

  • The Rider's Android App.

  • Web Panel for Riders

  • Web Panel for the Company

  • Web Panel for Admins.

Our Script -Development Procedure

1. Gathering Requirements

Learn about our client.

Understanding client's requirement

Providing a solution

2. Design & Wireframing

Structure blueprint

Each screen is wireframed.

Creating the app

3. App Creation

Developing the app.

Create the main sections.

Client comments

4. App Evaluation

The app is being tested.

There are no bugs.

Obtain final approval from the client.

5. Application Deployment

Distribute to app stores.

Deploy to the client server.

Users can now access the app.

Our Advantages

Booking Modification/Cancellation

Users can schedule/cancel future rides by providing the date, time, and location of the trip using this feature of the Real Estate App.

Rides should be scheduled.

Customers can schedule rides for a later date, and notifications will be sent to the agents automatically.

Modes of Payment

Riders have several payment options, including credit/debit card and cash. Allow riders to pay for their rides at their leisure.

Geolocation Tracking in Real Time

Real-time tracking made simple with GPS functionality, allowing users to track the location of agents in real time.

Contact Your Agent

Riders can speak with the Agent and book their cab with their preferred Agent to make them feel more secure and satisfied.

Coupon Codes

Users can use special promo codes and refer their friends during rides. This feature can assist you in increasing app engagement.

Notification via Push

Users who integrate this feature will receive alerts about the Agent's trip fares and other relevant information.

History of the Ride

Complete information about completed, upcoming, and canceled trips can be found here. Check the pick-up and drop-off locations for the specific trip as well.

Arrival Time Estimate

Users can use this feature to determine the exact time it will take the Agent to pick them up from their location.

User Part Application Flow

Splash Screen

User part includes attractive and user friendly splash screens.

Home Screen

It includes an interactive home screen to male user interface more attractive.


New Taxi App users can Register themselves with email and phone number registration methods.


This feature allows passengers to register directly from their mobile app via the login page.

Reset Password

Users can reset their passwords through email or mobile number used during the registration process.

Enter Mobile Number

User needs to enter their mobile number so that driver can also call the user.


User Needs to first verify mobile number through OTP to start experiencing app.


Users can search drivers for particular areas and can schedule rides.

Schedule a Ride

If you don’t want to book now, then schedule your ride for a later hour. Our Uber-clone apps allow you to schedule your rides too!

Finding Ride Process

Users can check the ride process through google maps in the app.


This is used to send invitations for promotions and coupons for free rides to passengers via text or email messages.


A user needs to complete his profile with all details like Name, email, number, address.

Add Payment

A User can add payments in their wallets to pay to the driver during rides.

My Bookings

A detailed history of all your rides, including the cancelled ones, is maintained in the application.

FAQ - Frequently Ask Question

Yes, our advanced 99acres Clone Script and Script are 100% customizable?
You will own the entire source code of your Application. The App will be hosted on your company server
Yes, we will be delighted to assist you with your app enhancement needs as per the agreement.
Yes, our development team will be in constant touch with you from the ideation stage to the launch of your app. Your inputs and suggestions are valuable during development.
No, there is no limit with regards to the number of trips a Agent can make in a day. As per client's discretion, the limit of trips per day can be set accordingly.

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