Develop a Uber like app for Plumber

In the present life, we are encircled by issues of grumpy boilers, pipe blockage or defective latrine, and so forth. Precisely when these abrupt issues crop up, our home gets destroyed and we pay special attention to uber handymen in our district to get the issue settled.

Our One Shop for all Plumber Service Uber Clone Plumber App

Our astounding application for handymen has an assortment of expert and prepared handymen who convey their work with full ability and are completely dependable. They are accessible 24×7 for 365 days in a year, so in any essential breakdown of channels or establishment, they are in a split second accessible at your imparted time directly at your doorsteps.
On the off chance that you are thinking about a simple system for bringing in some fast and income sans work, at that point the Uber handyman administrations are the ideal wander for you.

Services Include


Users and drivers can create, view, edit profile, and maintain all the information directly from the mobile app or on the web dashboard.


The customer can get notifications related to latest discounts, special offers and the latest app updates.


The customer can easily place an order from the listed items in the food pick up app. They can choose their preferences for takeaway or home delivery.


The customer can search restaurants based on filters that include location, delivery area, nearby pick-up option, timings, reviews, keywords and category.


A single restaurant can add various meals to its menu, and users can apply filters to restaurants based on these cuisines.


Create, manage, and delete specific products on the list provided by the restaurants.

Features Include

Mechanic availability toggle

The service provider dedicated app includes a facility to service availability toggle.

Mechanic Profile

Users can create their profile with details such as name, location, phone number and more. They can also update their photo.

Schedule Appointment

Customer can choose to schedule their repair time for their vehicles by adding scheduled requests.

Push Notifications

The app is integrated with multiple payments gateway with secure payment using an authorized portal.

Payment Integration

This simple process eliminates human errors and double data entry and helps businesses function as efficiently as possible.


The Geo-Fencing feature helps admin to avoid trips from certain geolocation.

Search by Specialist

Get an overall view of your entire business including earnings ,user trip scheduled, drivers and everything in between.

God's eye view

Get an overall view of your entire business including earnings ,user trip scheduled, drivers and everything in between.

Book and Cancel Appointments

Users can search about the specialist of damage.

Bill Estimation

Users will get the estimate of the bill on the app.

Installation of App

Users can Book or cancel the bookings online from uber Plumber apps.

Advanced Analytics

Users can analyse the advanced feature of apps.

Advanced Reports

In this app you will get all advanced reports.

Accept/ Reject Request

Users can accept and reject the request.

Verified Providers

In this app you will get verified Plumber.

Lifetime License

Users will get assured lifetime license.

Responsive Web Panel

We have an uber Plumber responsible web panel.

Profile Setup

users can create profiles with photo, location names and more.

OTP Verification

Users have to do OTP verification.

Referral Earnings and Friends Invite

Users can earn money to share this app with friends.

Heat View in Admin

It helps Plumber/Admin to analyze the demand of service and know the areas where Riders are waiting for service.


We have a policy to secure the users data from spam.

Heat view in admin

It helps Plumber/Admin to analyze the demand of service and know the areas where Riders are waiting for service.

Billing Administration

In this app users will get all the bill details.

What we offer in Uber for Mechanic Service App

Mobile Apps
We provide awesome customizable mobile apps for both android and ios platforms.
Web App
We provide awesome customizable websites for both android and ios platforms.
Admin Dashboard
To manage the overall functionality, the admin dashboard has the capability to view the list of the restaurants, the number of users, and the delivery vendors. The admin can add and remove any stakeholder at any point of time using this control panel.
100% Customizable
Post-development, along with your advanced on-demand food ordering application, you will be given the complete source code and app is customizable.
Payment Options
Each service delivery lists its payment gateway that may include the credit card or debit card option, or through some popular mobile wallet like PayPal, Paytm etc.

User Application Flow

Splash Screen

The app contains attractive and user interactive splash screens to increase engagements.


Users can login into their account by entering their username and password.


Once the user enters his mobile number for registering on the WhatsApp Clone app, an SMS is sent to the given mobile number for verification.

Verification By Number

Users need to verify his/her account by entering the correct otp on before proceeding in the app.

Verification By Email

Users need to verify his/her account by entering the correct otp on sent on mail before proceeding in the app.

Verification Done

Users will receive a successful verification done message.


Users will be shown various categories on the home page such as various services.

Available Electrician

Users can see available electrician and can book an appointment.

Edit Profile

Users can edit their profile section and can keep it up to date.

Book Later

Users can book services for later and can select them and appoint.

Request Confirmation

Users can request for confirmation of the appointment.

Bill Info

Users can view bill information before paying.


Before cancelling any appointment or service user will receive a warning popup message.

Service Negotiation

Users can negotiate with service providers on service.

Service Confirmation

Users can confirm service and can book appointment.

Order Confirm

Users will receive an order confirmation message.

Track Technician

Users can track technicians with the help of tracking features.

View Order

Users can view their orders which they have placed earlier.


Users can chat with service providers and can negotiate with them.

Job Completion

Users can get a job competition request from their service providers.


Users can make a payment to service providers after job completion.

Payment Information

Users can see the payment information.

Invoice Detail

Users can see invoice details in the app.


Users can give feedback for the service availment by them.

Book Now

Users can book an appointment with the service providers.

Request Confirmation

Users can request for confirmation of their service.

Query Submition

Users can fill various details in this section.

Query Confirmation

Users can confirm their query after filling

Confirmed Quotation

Users can get a popup message when quotation is confirmed.


Users can view various quotations.

Quotation Detail

Users can view details of every quotation.

Quotation Info

Users can also view information regarding quotation.

Quotation Done

Users can get a message after quotation done.


Users can make an online payment using debit, credit cards etc.

Payment Done

Users can receive a popup message after making a payment.

Side Menu

Users can view various options in the side menu.

Edit Profile

Users can edit profile sections and can keep up to date.

Terms & Conditions

Users can view the terms and conditions of the provider.

Payment History

Users can view the payment history in the payment section


Users can view invoice of the service availed.

Completed Jobs

Users can view status of completed jobs.

Pending Jobs

Users can view a list of pending jobs.

In Progress Jobs

Users can check their inprogress jobs and can track them.

Completed Job Details

Users can view complete job details of the service providers

About Us

Users can view about us section in the app.

Forgot Password

Users can recover password in case they forgot password.

Change Password

Users can change their passwords.

Call Service Provider

Users can call their service providers in case of help.

FAQ - Frequently Ask Question

Yes, our advanced Ola Clone Script and Lyft Clone Script are 100% customizable?
You will own the entire source code of your Application. The App will be hosted on your company server
Yes, we will be delighted to assist you with your app enhancement needs as per the agreement.
Yes, our development team will be in constant touch with you from the ideation stage to the launch of your app. Your inputs and suggestions are valuable during development.
No, there is no limit with regards to the number of trips a driver can make in a day. As per client's discretion, the limit of trips per day can be set accordingly.

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