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What exactly is a Gaze Live clone and a Dubsmash clone?

Byte Dance, based in China, developed Gaze Live, one of the world's leading entertainment and music streaming mobile apps for both the Android and iOS platforms. The company intends to build a platform that will allow users to capture and share their creative videos with the rest of the world. Users can use their smartphones to create a video about their daily lives, knowledge, and memories, which they can then upload to showcase their creativity.

The Benefits of the Gaze Live Clone App

Music/Audio Selection

Choose your favorite tracks or upload your own for your custom video dubbed post that includes your own song or audio selection.

Video Selfie Dubbing

Record custom music-dubbed video selfies or performances - On our customisable Tik Tok clone, there are numerous options to help users become mini internet stars themselves. Users can choose whether to create videos in slow motion or fast motion.

Photo filters and stickers

Create pictures with multiple filters and stickers, then share them on your profile, with other users, or on other social channels using the Gaze Live clone customisable app.

Multi-video/picture sharing

On the Gaze Live clone customisable app, share your dubbed video or media in specific categories, on your profile, with other users, or on other social channels.

Make your Channel

In the customisable Gaze Live clone app, users can create their own unique channel. Users can choose whether their channels are visible to the public or only to their friends based on their privacy settings.

Feed of News

The news feed is constantly updated based on the user's followers and following to showcase the latest posts from other users, channels, top viewed posts in the area, local/globally trending channels, and more. Designed to maximize user engagement.

View and Favorite Your Favorite Posts

Users can view the posts of other users and channels. Like, comment, and share posts on the customizable Gaze Live clone app as well.

Chat with Multiple Media Attachments

The Gaze Live clone social video dubbing and sharing script is integrated with an in-app chat module that offers a wide range of multimedia sharing options.

Users' Secret Conversations

Users can form in-app groups with other users to have private conversations with them. Inspired by Snapchat, the Gaze Live clone script includes a 'Secret Chat' feature that allows users to have private conversations with other users that are automatically erased once completed.

Reporting by Users

Reporting other users or posts is useful for a variety of reasons, including maintaining high content quality standards on your Gaze Live clone app.

Why Should You Go With Omninos Gaze Live Clone

Solutions That Are Completely Customizable

Our video sharing script can be customized to support a variety of unique video-based social media platforms such as music and video dubbing social apps, video selfie apps, live video streaming apps, and so on. Gaze Live clone will be customized to the niche based on your unique idea.

Integration of In-App Purchases

Even though Gaze Live lacks these features, if you want to create a music app, keep in mind that an in-app purchase option can be a great way to earn money. In-app purchases essentially mean charging the user a small fee to upgrade to the premium version or unlock a few features.

Prebuilt Advanced Scripts

We move the simplest social video selfie solution from development to deployment faster than any other social media app developers out there, thanks to our proprietary pre-built video dubbing script: video selfie script, best video sharing cms, and so on.

Scalable Design

All tailored social Tik Tok-like apps and other Dubsmash-like solutions built with the Gaze Live clone app & dubbing script are designed with the best SEO & ASO practices for apps in mind.

Multi-currency and Multi-Language

Regardless of your location or currency preference, Gaze Live clone can be tailored for various Tik Tok, Dubsmash clone ideas all over the world.


Our pre-built social video dubbing script is not only robust and scalable, but also extremely secure. SSL-powered APIs, Keychain, JWT, reverse proxy setup, and other security features ensure that security extends all the way from the app to each individual API.

Our Application Flow

Splash Screen

It includes attractive splash screens to make the user experience interactive.

Sign In

Users can Sign In to the tiktok clone app using their Email id/Phone number and password.

Log in

Users can login into their account by entering their username and password.

Trending hashtags

Trending hashtags to categorized your video and Photos


Post the images and videos for your love ones

Multi live

Multi live with friends, family and love ones

PK battles

Users can also follow hashtags in the mobile application and can view the videos posted with the same hashtag.


Let them dub their own voice for uploaded audio tracks & record the same with their phones

Profile's videos

Users can upload profile videos which have been created/shooted by the user.


Users can view feeds from various users that are registered in the mobile application, posts from people they are following on the homepage

Video Filters

Variety of effects & filters are available for the users to edit their recorded video contents

Like, Comment & Share

Users can like the videos posted by other users, comment on them and share them.

Zoom Option

User will get the feature of zooming the image or video while shooting to have a closer view.

Apply Effects

Ocean of augmented filters which are a life-like object placed as a filter on the video to be posted on the app platform.

Write Text

Users can write text on images or videos while applying filters on it.

Apply Stickers

Add special stickers to allow users share their videos in interesting ways.


User can create his personalised channel and can upload videos on it.


Let them dub their own voice for uploaded audio tracks & record the same with their phones

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, our advanced Ola Clone Script and Lyft Clone Script are 100% customizable?
You will own the entire source code of your Application. The App will be hosted on your company server
Yes, we will be delighted to assist you with your app enhancement needs as per the agreement.
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