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Start earning right from your first order with a featured Dunzo app clone. Kick start the highly demanding online food delivery business with the right app designed absolutely to attain high profit by fulfilling the food cravings of customers.

About Dunzo Clone App

Are you looking for a commercially viable white-label app solution to become a reputed food delivery partner in the industry? Do you want to renovate your food order delivery venture by making it adaptive to the innovative market trend with a superior app created seamlessly as per the recent technological advancements in no time? Buy our Dunzo clone app developed with an efficient and latest Dunzo clone script. Our cutting-edge Dunzo like app for food delivery will help you hold your business at your fingertips with 100% customization features. You can also make your customers order food right away with a dynamic app as well. 

Our Dunzo App Features

Users can choose meals from the menu listed in various categories.
Multiple Payment Options
​The customer can select any of the payment options according to his/her convenience. The options mainly include Netbanking, Credit card, Debit Card, PayPal, Bitcoins, and Paytm, etc.
Food Service
When the order confirms the order the restaurant needs to confirm the order by viewing the details of the order and send push notification to the customer saying the order is accepted or declined and delivery boy will pick up the order.
Shocker Savings
Hassle free commission management using admin dashboard where commissions can be effectively managed for each restaurant.
Live Order Tracking
The customer can track the real-time location of the order and the delivery agent with this feature in the takeaway ordering app.

Services Include


Search for restaurants, food items, and meals through the powerful control page integrated into the Zomato clone app.


​The customer can get notifications related to latest discounts, special offers and the latest app updates.


The customer can easily place an order from the listed items in the food pick up app. They can choose their preferences for takeaway or home delivery.


​The customer can search restaurants based on filters that include location, delivery area, nearby pick-up option, timings, reviews, keywords and category.


Customers can label a few restaurants as ‘favorites’, where they can order food items on a regular basis.


Create, manage, and delete specific products on the list provided by the restaurants.

Contactless Delivery

Online food ordering platforms rise up day-by- day. They are considered to be an alternative for food meals to cook and just order online. So having an adequate, user-friendly, ready-made Dunzo clone script will empower the budding entrepreneur to set off on their own online food ordering business venture.

The idea of food order and delivering food at doorstep has changed the way restaurants have been serving. No doubt, you may find numerous apps while browsing, but there's one app that has proven to be brilliant, and that's none other than Dunzo.

Our Dunzo Solution Offers

Turnkey Solution

We focus on the ideas on how to make a food delivery app that can be customized as per the needs of everyone including the customers, restaurant and the owner.

Powerful Admin Dashboard

Our on demand food ordering and delivery app development company designs app that allows partner restaurants to easily edit items on the menu and change the prices and quantities. 

Scalable Product

Admins can choose to display the latest dishes on top of the home page for easy reach.

Cost Effective

Our applications are cost effective and cost efficient to save your  time and cost. 

Native Mobile Apps

We provide native app so;utuons for android and ios  applications for better app working. 

Whitelabel Solution

We offer you a completely white labeled app to make sure that your app carries your logo and brand name everywhere on it.

What We Offer

Mobile Apps
We provide awesome customizable mobile apps for both android and ios platforms.
Web Apps
We provide awesome customizable websites for both android and ios platforms.
Admin Dashboard
To manage the overall functionality, the admin dashboard has the capability to view the list of the restaurants, the number of users, and the delivery vendors. The admin can add and remove any stakeholder at any point of time using this control panel.
100% Customizable
Post-development, along with your advanced on-demand food ordering application, you will be given the complete source code and app is customizable.
Payment Options
Each restaurant lists its payment gateway that may include the credit card or debit card option, cash on delivery or through some popular mobile wallet like PayPal, Paytm etc. 

User Part Application Flow

Splash Screen

We offer attractive splash screens with an awesome user interface.

Sign In

Users can singin in the app using email and mobile number.


Users can register in the app by adding a mobile number.


This feature allows the users to sign up with their mobile number and log in using OTP.

Done Message

Users will receive a done message after successful login.

Home Screen

Create, manage, and delete specific products on the list provided by the restaurants.

Home Screen

We update the eater with order status and other details almost instantly using Firebase Cloud Messaging technology.

Search Food

​Find the nearest restaurants based on the location, category and dish wise as well.

Select Food

The restaurants can choose a category to add the food items, combo offers and other customizations to the food items.

Select Drink

​User can add drinks and can add to cart to order.

Add Order

Users can add order in between their existing orders before ordering.

Live Tracking

Both the eater as well as the restaurant can easily track their order with live driver location.

Add Extra

Users can add extra customizations to their order as per their taste.

Schedule Delivery

With this option, the eater can easily schedule the order whenever they want.

Vendor Part Application Flow

Sign In

Users​ can log in/Sign up by using social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter or Gmail accounts.


Drivers can register into the application by using their mobile number.


This feature allows the drivers to sign up with their mobile number and log in using OTP

Done Message

After successful login in application drivers will receive a done message.

Upload Document

​Drivers need to upload their documents for verification and authentication.

Upload Pictures

Drivers need to upload their picture for identification.

New order

Drivers will be notified for every new order received on the portal.

Accepted Orders

Drivers will be shown a list of accepted orders by the driver.


Drivers will get a processed list after every new order added in the list.


​Drivers can accept or reject the order as per their choice.

Accepting Order

After accepting the order list will be processed again.


Drivers will see the list of orders accepted and rejected and new orders on dashboard.

Order Detail

Drivers will get order details for accepted orders to deliver orders.

Assigning to Driver

Drivers will be assigned orders as per their request to deliver.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The script streamlines order management, offers real-time tracking, and supports multiple services, all of which contribute to enhanced delivery efficiency.
Yes, the script is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your specific business requirements.
Security is a top priority. The script includes robust security features to protect user data and transactions.
Reach out to our team for a quote and timeline. We'll guide you through the implementation process.
Yes, the script can be integrated seamlessly with your existing online presence.
To begin, you can contact a reputable development company specializing in clone scripts. They will guide you through the setup process.
Absolutely! The script is highly customizable, allowing you to incorporate your brand's logo, colors, and unique features.
No, the script is designed for ease of use. You don't need extensive technical knowledge to manage your delivery platform effectively.
Offering competitive earnings, flexible hours, and a user-friendly app for delivery personnel can attract and retain talent.
The cost may vary depending on your customization requirements and the development company you choose. However, it is generally a cost-effective solution compared to building from scratch.

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