Cheetay food delivery Clone

Zero Contact Food Delivery at Doorsteps.

Kick Start Your Business with a World-Class Fully Customized APP.

Claim the opportunity of serving food Online to your customer in the world of Internet where everything is available at one click away and earn a valuable Customer reach.

Our Cheetay food delivery Clone Script will give liberty to you to not only feed people by yourself but help you to seek different restaurants and kitchens to serve food online on this platform.
Claim your Cheetay food delivery Open Source Script from Omninos Solutions an Organization with highly experienced team members and avail the world-class service you are seeking.
The key aim of our organization is to provide a secure and optimized product to our Clients, Your Growth is Our Privilege.

Services Include


The User Interface is designed where customers can search for categories, nearest Location restaurant, and even select the range of price on the control page of our cheetay food delivery Clone Script.


Both Customer and vendor gets the notification for order placed, order delivered and payment transferred to reduce the unauthorized access on User’s beneficiary accounts.


The Customer and vendor can track the order status on this Online Platform.


This Feature allows Customers to search for a particular item and restaurant on the control page of Application.


The Customer can mark any item and restaurant as their favourite food delivery resource to order at ease for next time.


The restaurants can create, edit and even delete particular items/products along with price management on the product list available in their profile. Which is helpful for the customer to choose from the menu.

Contactless Delivery

Food is the essential need of the human body, earlier it was very cost consuming to do food serving business due to high cost price for the resources like availability of space and expensive man power. But today the world of computers has changed everything and provided the services at ease to the customers, one click away. Cheetay food delivery Food Delivery App has changed everything in the food serving business, it opened up a number of opportunities for small businesses. You don't need to rent out a big place for customers to sit, you need to install a kitchen and the food delivering app on your Mobile Phone. This ease of availability of services customers seek food delivered at their doors, which decreases the resource cost and increases the sales in the business. This is the big reason that Contactless delivery is actually a Profitable Business for the entrepreneurs and businessmen.

On demand food Delivery app development service is the latest trend around the world with a massive number of users in apps like Cheetay food delivery, Swiggy or Uber Eats. If you too are thinking of developing food delivery app development then you are on the right path.

Solution Offered

Turnkey Solution

The key focus of our Organization is to provide our clients with ideas to make food delivery apps as per customer demand.

Powerful Admin Dashboard

Our Product allows the restaurants to easily edit the items in the menu which is available for the customers.

Scalable Product

The Admins are provided with full Liberty to design and avail the menu edit by them on the online platform.

Cost Effective

The key feature of Omninos Solutions is to provide world class services which are cost effective for the Client.

Native Mobile Apps

The Mobile applications developed by our team at Omninos are native solutions for both Android and IOS Operating Systems.

On-Demand Customization

We Provide on-demand customized food delivery applications to the client.

Why Choose Omninos Cheetay food delivery Clone

Mobile Apps
We provide Customized Cheetay food delivery Clone App which is optimized and mobile native on Android and IOS Operating System, have unique User Interface which is easy to operate and use.
World-Class Service
Our key responsibility is to provide development services which are completely secure and easy to use to counter unauthorized intervention
Admin Dashboard
The Admin is provided with the facility of customizing the dashboard according to their need and access, the admin can view number restaurants and number customers in particular restaurants, the user can view the overall revenue, payment and customer throughout the day, week and month.
100% Customizable
Post-development, along with your advanced on-demand food ordering application, you will be given the complete source code and the app is customizable.
Various Payment Options
We deliver Cheetay food delivery Clone Product Integrated with various offline and online payment option which give vulnerability to the customer to place a order.

User Part Application Flow

Splash Screen

We offer attractive splash screens with an awesome user interface.

Sign In

Users can singin in the app using email and mobile number.


Users can register in the app by adding a mobile number.


This feature allows the users to sign up with their mobile number and log in using OTP.

Done Message

Users will receive a done message after successful login.

Home Screen

Create, manage, and delete specific products on the list provided by the restaurants.

Home Screen

We update the eater with order status and other details almost instantly using Firebase Cloud Messaging technology.

Search Food

​Find the nearest restaurants based on the location, category and dish wise as well.

Select Food

The restaurants can choose a category to add the food items, combo offers and other customizations to the food items.

Select Drink

​User can add drinks and can add to cart to order.

Add Order

Users can add order in between their existing orders before ordering.

Live Tracking

Both the eater as well as the restaurant can easily track their order with live driver location.

Add Extra

Users can add extra customizations to their order as per their taste.

Schedule Delivery

With this option, the eater can easily schedule the order whenever they want.

Vendor Part Application Flow

Sign In

Users​ can log in/Sign up by using social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter or Gmail accounts.


Drivers can register into the application by using their mobile number.


This feature allows the drivers to sign up with their mobile number and log in using OTP

Done Message

After successful login in application drivers will receive a done message.

Upload Document

​Drivers need to upload their documents for verification and authentication.

Upload Pictures

Drivers need to upload their picture for identification.

New order

Drivers will be notified for every new order received on the portal.

Accepted Orders

Drivers will be shown a list of accepted orders by the driver.


Drivers will get a processed list after every new order added in the list.


​Drivers can accept or reject the order as per their choice.

Accepting Order

After accepting the order list will be processed again.


Drivers will see the list of orders accepted and rejected and new orders on dashboard.

Order Detail

Drivers will get order details for accepted orders to deliver orders.

Assigning to Driver

Drivers will be assigned orders as per their request to deliver.

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