Create a very reliable Doctor appointment booklet with
Teladoc clone App

At that civil time a patient waits for a doctor's attachment on demand. It isn't surprising that this app has created a sensation and has many registered users. The app has become so popular that tons of clinics and entrepreneurs are now frustrated with creating similar apps. so that the events of the Teladoc clone app are often unlocked? Let's decide.
The Teladoc clone app allows patients to determine a doctor remotely. This mobile telepath app works 24/7 by allowing patients to choose a doctor and make video visits. The doctor can then send instructions on to the patient pharmacy.

Application UI flow

Splash screen:

It contains a bright and easy-to-use screen.

Sign in:

The user must log in and enter the specified health care records and mandatory information.

Choose Speciality:

Physicians may have dashboards to make necessary changes to their specialties and directions .

Medical Information:

Doctors should fill within the relevant details about his or her expertise, experience, education and more.

Video conference:

The ability to save lots of or regain counseling can help track treatment progress.

Sidebar option:

Several sidebar options are included for straightforward use with a simple and attractive UI / UX.

Edit profile:

Users can edit details like username, age, city, gender etc.

Enrollment History:

Users can view their names.

Available Balance:

users can check the available balance in their wallet.


A messenger for a further good channel of communication between doctor and patient.

Booked appointment:

Users should have a listing of appointments supported by physician availability also due to the chance to edit or refer you.

My availability:

Users can check their doctor's availability and adjust appointments accordingly.

Patient records:

Teladoc App clone applications help employees effectively access and store patient or medical data.

Diagnostic information:

The DocsApp Clone app can provide healthcare to remote areas that don't have access to clinics.


The application can make emergency calls.

View appointment:

The Teladoc clone App Upgrade Solution solution can help with follow-up consultations, doctor's TP reviews and appointment appointments.

Teladoc clone App feature:

Book Appointment

Book Appointments

Patients can see doctor appointments and book appointments accordingly.

Video consultation:

Video Consultation

Patients can contact the provider through two video communication channels.



The dedicated patient category receives all pre-appointments and details.

What you'll get from Teladoc clone App Package

This Teladoc mobile app works 24/7, allowing patients to settle on a doctor and ask them over the phone or video..

Our teladoc clone app package includes:
  • Main
  • Doctor
    Android App
  • Doctor
    iOS App
  • Doctor
    Web Panel
  • Patient
    Android App
  • Patient
    Web Panel
  • Admin
    Web Panel
How does this work
Patients can enter the specified medical information if they want to speak online or undergo a test.
Physicians can manage their appointment times and their availability to satisfy patients online.
Platform Admin:
Administrators can easily enter to manage patient and physician program records.
Patient Version
This is On demand Medical app.Patients can book an appointment and upload their medical reports to consult with their doctor anytime anywhere. The users can also upload their medical prescriptions and can order medicine online.
Doctor Version
The doctor can manage their appointments from the app and consult their patients based on the medical reports uploaded by them. The doctor can also prescribe them.
Make Quality Consultation and Medical Service Available to All.
An admin can log in easily to manage the app and records of patients and doctors. Admin can send notifications related to the offers, new updates and products to the users.
Additional Features and Integrations.
A teladoc Clone app lets patients consult doctors remotely. This teladoc Clone mobile app works 24/7, letting patients choose doctors and connects them by phone or video. Smart filter helps you search the doctor’s by their specialization, experience, rating, consulting fee, degrees, location, rating & reviews, etc.
Search People and get requests (ios + android)
  • User-friendly designs
  • Customized plan
  • Free expert consultation
  • Portfolio of various designs
  • 100 % data security
  • No extra and hidden charges
All in One Custom Teladoc App Clone Software Solution

Individuals and families:

teladoc Clone Health Startups

It helps people and families access health care and consult their favorite doctors.

Company employees:

teladoc Clone Health Startups

It helps people in rural areas to possess health care without pin money and spending time traveling.

Rural population:

teladoc Clone Health Startups

It helps people in rural areas to urge health care without pocket money and spending time traveling.

Health insurance beneficiaries:

teladoc Clone Health Startups

It helps people get lifelong insurance and may be other beneficiaries.

Physically Disabled

teladoc Clone Health Startups

In particular, you can help people who are not in the condition to visit hospitals or clinics. Especially, people who have physical disabilities can consult a doctor and get their prescribed medicine at their doorstep with a teladoc Clone app.

teladoc Clone Health Startups

teladoc Clone Health Startups

Build an all-in-one teladoc Clone platform to let patients connect with providers virtually from an app.

What is a telehealth/medicine app and how do it solve problem?
teladoc Clone mobile mobile app that lets physicians treat their patients remotely via video-chat. A software solution that lets medical care providers send patient photos of a rash or mole to a dermatologist at another location for quick diagnosis.

Application Features


A teladoc Clone app enables app users (patients) to book medical treatment to combat disease or disorder at their fingertips

User Profile

A user profile is an essential element displaying user’s data: a picture (optional), address, gender, location, time zone, email, phone number and alternative numbers for account setting or emergency.

Doctor Profile

A doctor’s profile should contain important information like experience and education, and allow doctors to list and verify their credentials.

Medical History

A teladoc Clone app allows patients to view their medical records and send them to family members and doctors.

In App Chat

There would be no hurdle in the way of virtual medical treatment; in-app chat feature is another powerful feature, which can easily connect your patients to experienced ones.

Health Articles

A user can read health articles and can follow instructions to keep himself healthy and fit.

Intuitive Dashboard

It’s important to make the dashboard user-friendly and design it in such a way that all users could easily navigate the app.

Doctor Profile & Clinic

Manage registered doctors and healthcare providers and help them with technical support.

Availability Toggle

Configure notification settings for patients and providers to keep them updated.

Accept/Reject Appointments

View all the booked, canceled, and completed patient-provider engagements.


View appointments for all the doctors in a visual layout on a calendar.

Edit Bookings

Doctors are able to view their entire schedule in one place. They can also add appointments manually and set a reminder on the go.

Protected Login

Doctors and patients can securely register and login into their accounts.

Maintain Doctors’ Profiles

Admin can maintain doctors profile can update doctors appointments etc

Maintain Patients’ Profiles

Admin can maintain patients profile with their medical reports etc.

God’s Eye View

Admin can maintain records for their patients and doctors.

Maintain Records

Admin can maintain records for their patients and doctors.

Create Sub-Admins

Admin can create sub admins and can provide them access to update details.

Video Consultation

Patients can connect with the provider through two-way video communication.

Subscription Models

Healthcare providers can add progress notes, treatment, and evaluation for each session.

Pharmacy Integration

Healthcare providers and admin can easily access the Pharmacy Database from the telehealth system.

Laboratory Integration

This feature allows providers to track the prescriptions and medication offered by them to certain patients.

Upload Test Reports

Here doctors can upload test reports of their patients.

Key Benefits

Our custom teladoc Clone app solution comes with several key advantages that make it suited for diversified client needs.

Easy and effective healthcare:

In this busy era, nobody has the time to face long queues to urge even the necessary consultation from the doctor. Therefore with teladoc Clone apps, it's easy to feel connected with a doctor and discuss the symptoms

Availability at remote areas:

Today, the internet is present everywhere but expert doctors are not present at remote places. For people who are living in remote places, they can connect with specialists from their homes only. Thus, there will be no need to travel distances to ascertain the doctor.

Efficient monitoring system:

Mostly, teladoc Clone app development will help the patients in chronic disease monitoring, follow-up consultations and updating the prescriptions.

Record keeping

For patients and healthcare providers; these types of healthcare apps will help in storing the data in the cloud. Hence; it will be easily accessible and safely stored.

Time management for the doctors:

As per research by Doctor on demand; 15 percent of healthcare providers experience depression and burnout due to working 60-80 hours per week. teladoc Clone solutions can be a better way to balance work and their personal life.

Video calling:

Patients can now connect with their specified doctors on video calling and hence can get prescriptions from them.

Book Appointments

Patients are able to view the doctor’s availability and book appointments accordingly

Secure Messaging

Patients can chat with the provider to check their health status in real-time.


A dedicated section for patients to access all their past appointments and the transactions.

Our Healthcare Hub
Patients are able to view the doctor’s availability and book appointments accordingly.
Patients can connect with the provider through two-way video communication
An easy-to-use voice call option for patients to get connected with providers for consultation.