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Readymade WhatsApp Clone Script

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WhatsApp has erased the short messaging. The app instantly connected people from all over the world through real-time chats. Consider what a similar app could do for your company or social circle. That is why we are here to provide the same. From sending instant messages to high-quality video and audio calling, our Omninos messaging app solution is loaded with stellar functionalities-Ourclone is stacked with pivotal features like invite contacts, share multimedia, share location, and so on, along with an interactive UI, which could turn any entrepreneurial dream into a reality.

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  • We debate and thoroughly examine the app to determine its utility.

  • Explain the technical aspects of WhatsApp, such as app development, as transparency is one of our cardinal virtues.

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Attractive Features of a WhatsApp Clone App

Exchange Contacts

Users can use the app to share their phone contacts with friends and even in groups. They can share the contact with a single tap.

Dark Color Scheme

Users can get enticed by this feature, which improves their messaging app experience. It not only looks better, but it also saves a significant amount of energy.


Users can share or even capture memorable moments, which they can then upload to their status or stories. They can distribute the content to their contacts by posting images, emojis, and other graphics. They can see who has viewed their status and, if necessary, delete it.

Chats in Real Time

Users can enjoy the immense pleasure of chatting with their loved ones by receiving or sending videos, images, and texts. Because the chats are encrypted, your privacy is guaranteed.


Users can look for a friend or a stranger to talk to. They can enter their name, and the person's chat will appear immediately.

Last Seen

The app allows users to hide the last seen if necessary. They can make their last seen visible to their contacts. Everyone or no one, depending on their preference.

Profile Photo

Setting a profile picture and allowing unknown people to see it could be risky. As a result, users can limit their visibility to contacts, nobody, or everyone.


Our Clone app is available in several languages. It can be tailored to the user's requirements in their native language if desired.

Message forwarded

Using the app's forward message feature, the user can share any interesting message that they received in their chats with their loved ones.

Delete for All

If a user believes they have sent an unwanted message to a contact, they can delete the message using the app's 'Delete for everyone' feature.


The status option within the messenger app is simply just like the “story feature” on Instagram. It allows your users to share text, photos, video, and GIF updates that are visible for twenty-four hours so disappear after 24 hours automatically.

Block/Report users

The App users can block messages and also report other users to avoid further contact. You can also stop receiving messages, calls, and status updates from certain contacts by blocking them

User Part Application Flow

Splash Screen

​The app contains attractive and user interactive splash screens to increase engagements.


Once the user enters his mobile number for registering on the WhatsApp Clone app, an SMS is sent to the given mobile number for verification.


​It contains the icons to jump on voice calls, chat, video calls, favourite list much more.

Choose Language

T​he app user needs to select a language to continue with the same language in app.

Insufficient Coins

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Video Call

​This clone app feature helps you to remain connected with your friends, relatives and dear ones from whichever location you may be and any time.

Payment Method

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Phone Bidding

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Share on Social Media

To enhance the messaging experience the app  users can send and receive images, videos, voice clips, and documents without 


The app user can change settings according to their needs.

Chat System

The app user can select the chat system either to have normal or private chat options.

Chat List

​It displays the current chat list of the user on the dashboard.

Favorite List

T​he user can add user users on their favourite list.

View Profile

The app user can view the profile of another user.

Frequently Ask Question - FAQ

Smartphone appropriation is increasing from 60% in 2018 to 79% in 2026 and it'll continue doing so within the future everywhere on the planet. Chat apps will sustain this overall growth. The marketplace for messenger apps is flourishing. By 2025, four out of 5 mobile connections are going to be made with a smartphone.
Yes, This app is in Native Platform
Yes..but we will not simply read it. it'll be stored in JSON format.. also you cannot find the messages by user will be stored by UUID
Yes, we've got an experienced team of developers to assist you with customization as per your requirements.
We strongly recommend against modifying or changing the code. If the script is modified, our team would not be able to further work on it and the support package coverage ends.
Refund will not be provided after the product is handed over to you, if you've opted for installation support package. For source code purchase we strictly don't entertain any refunds since the vulnerability to the code is high. If there are any challenges faced in installation, our experts will be at your disposal through Skype/mail. We recommend you to go through the feature list carefully and test them out from the demo before you make the purchase.

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