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Utilizing the most recent advances and our skill, we convey strong custom Mobile Wallet Application that serves your particular requests.

Our Freecharge clone clone App

Improved mobile application development helps the business to:
  • Increase the throughput of the gas-filling station.
  • Speed up customer service
  • Retain customers through personalized profitable offers.
  • Get a highly versatile and fully customized eWallet application and Freecharge clone app for your business

Solution Offered

Turkey solutions

We believe in the idea of making a mobile shagheel app which will be used as per the requirements of all the people including the purchasers and banks .

Powerful admin dashboard

Our company is demanding on mobile cashless and shagheels app development company feature apps that permits our users a far better checkout experience with our integrated merchant mobile wallet apps.

Scalable products

User’s can select to display the newest shagheel feature on top of the house page for straightforward reach.

Cost effective

Our company applications are cost effective and price efficient to save lots of users time and price .

Native mobile apps

Our company provides native app solutions for android and ios applications for users better app users .

Whitelabel solution

Our company offer user’s completely white labeled app to form sure that your app carries your logo and name everywhere thereon features securi

Features Include

Wallet App For Merchants

Offer your users a better checkout experience with our integrated Merchant Mobile Wallet Apps. With advanced features like cost-splitting, ACH (Automated Clearing House), invoice generation, you can be assured to build a sustainable relationship with your customers.

Wallet App For Users

Users can create their own profile where they can store all personal details like mobile numbers, address, bank details, transaction details etc.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

For interactive and secure Cryptocurrency wallet apps, connect with us now. We offer bitcoin wallet application advancement administration to make exchanging, buying and selling simpler. You simply mention your specifications and we will cater to your needs with our best efforts.

Bluetooth and iBeacon

iBeacon is a famous Bluetooth-based technology enabling quicker transfer of payments without the need for swiping the card.

NFC (Near Field Communication)

Now offer your users an easy and smart payment app so that they can shop freely. The integrated Near Field Communication allows the e-wallet app to communicate with POS instantly so that people can experience secure and contactless connections while shopping.

Payment Apps

At omninos solutions, we help in designing and developing highly customized mobile wallet apps –as per the unique specifications of the clients.

What we offer in Freecharge clone Like App

Mobile apps
We provide mobile app for both android and ios platform awesome customize
Web app
We provide android and ios platforms awesome customize websites
Admin Dashboard
to manage the general functionality , the admin dashboard has the potential to look at the list of the restaurants the amount ,the number of users and therefore the delivery vendors .the admin can add and take away any stakeholder at any point of your time using this instrument panel
100% customization
Post-development ,along with your advanced on-demand food ordering application you'll tend the entire ASCII text file and therefore the app is customizable.
Shagheel options
Each service delivery lists its shagheel gateway which will include the mastercard or open-end credit option,or through some popular mobile wallet like shagheel paytm etc.

User Application Flow

Splash Screen

App includes attractive splash screens.

Login and Register

After verification the user will get a congratulations message.


This is the major section of an app; the user can sign-in with the social network or email account credentials.


Home page includes recharge, pay bill, send money, etc


Users can seamlessly transfer money to and from bank accounts.


​Users can pay the bills via their registered bank accounts so as to maintain track of all the cash flows in a convenient way.


​Provider list includes accounts added as beneficiary.


We empower the wallets with a powerful QR code scanner within the mobile payment apps.


The users can make use of the advanced eWallet app for paying bills at the dedicated shopping centers.

FAQ - Frequently Ask Question

The Script is completely Open Source. Once purchased(on live), the source will be given to Clients. It can be customized as per their needs.
The Script will be hosted in our Server. On Final handover, if the Client has purchased his own server. It will be hosted in his/her server. We will help in Installation of the Script with your Cpanel or FTP.
Our Scripts supports all types of Payment Gateway, including International. So once Payment Gateway is provided from your side, We will integrate it for you.
Yes. We Integrate API’s. Once the Client’s provide their preferred API. We will Integrate it for them. Minimum an API will be Integrated within a week.
On Final handover, Documentation of all the Panels will be provided for better understanding. So even a Non-Tech person would find it easy to work with it.

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