Quora Online Q&A Clone App

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Our Quora Clone App is a Q&A platform that allows people to share and create information from across the world. Individuals use Quora to ask questions about any topic, receive fantastic information that is tailored to them, and share their own knowledge with others. Quora is a platform for people to share knowledge and gain a better understanding of the world.

Our Quora Online Q&A Inquiry Clone App

It's a question-and-answer social network that responds to clients' questions on any topic. It is a free Q&A aggregator with real experience in obtaining quick answers from privileged individuals. Technology: The coordinating calculation in the Quora clone software sends personalised queries to each client based on their mastery and site usage.

Highlights Include:-
  • When you're in a rush, use search to help you find answers and services more quickly.
  • With the new connected feed view, you can keep track of all of your interests in one place.
  • When you get a response or a remark, you'll get a short notification.
  • Look for questions or browse by tags.
  • On questions, you can ask, answer, remark, and make a decision.

Solution Offered

Turnkey Solution

We're developing ideas for a mobile elearning programme that can be tailored to meet the demands of any audience, including clients and banks.

Powerful Admin Dashboard

Our on-demand mobile elearning and cashless elearnings app development firm builds apps that give your consumers a better checkout experience with our integrated Merchant Mobile Wallet Apps.

Scalable Product

Administrators can select to have the most recent elearning options displayed at the top of the home page for easy access.

Cost Effective

Our apps are both inexpensive and efficient, allowing you to save both time and money.

Native Mobile Apps

To boost app performance, we offer native app solutions for Android and iOS apps.

Whitelabel Solution

We provide you with a white-branded app that prominently displays your logo and business name throughout.

Features Include

Wallet App For Merchants

With our integrated Merchant Mobile Wallet Apps, you can provide a better checkout experience for your customers. You may be sure to create a long-term relationship with your clients if you have sophisticated capabilities like cost-splitting, ACH (Automated Clearing House), and invoice production.

Wallet App For Users

Customers can build a profile with all of their personal information and bank account information for speedier transactions. You can save payment methods like your credit card or PayPal account here.

Cryptocurrency wallet

If you're seeking for a fun and secure Cryptocurrency wallet app, contact us right now. We provide bitcoin wallet application development services to make trading, purchasing, and selling bitcoins easier. Simply tell us what you're searching for, and we'll do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Bluetooth and iBeacon

The iBeacon system is a bluetooth-based payment system that allows you to rapidly transmit money without having to swipe your card.

NFC(Near field Communication)

Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay are just a few of the mobile payment systems that employ it. Set up wifi connections and create access tokens and keycards.

E-learning apps

We'll work together to create highly customised E-learning software that meets the needs of your clientele.

What We Offer

Mobile Apps
Our Android and iOS mobile apps are extremely customisable.
Web App
For both Android and iOS smartphones, we provide attractively customised sites.
Admin Dashboard
The admin dashboard can keep track of the list of restaurants, the number of users, and the delivery vendors in order to keep track of everything. Using this administration panel, the admin can add and remove any stakeholder at any moment.
100% Customizable
After development is completed, you will receive the complete source code for your complex on-demand food ordering application, as well as the ability to customise it.
Payment Options
Each method of service delivery has its own payment channel, which may accept credit or debit cards as well as popular mobile wallets such as PayPal and Paytm.

User Application Flow


App includes attractive splash screens.


App takes to you the home screen of the platform

Choose Login Options

Choose whether to Log-in or Sign-up


Log-in your credentials on the app


Register your credentials for a new account

Select Your Role

User shall select the specific course they want to join

Forgot Password

User can select the forgot password option if they are unable to log in

Check Your Email

User can check their registered mail for the reset password link

Home Page

Welcome to the homepage


User can start their test

Assessments Start

User can start their assessments

Assessments End

User can end their assessments

Fill In The Blanks

Users can fill in the blanks during giving the assessment.

Select Statements

Users can select their statements during the assessments

Next Level

User can choose next level of their course assessments

Side Menu

User can select the side menu for more options

Your Rewards

Users get rewards after finishing their assessments

Leader Board

Displays the score of your assessments

Switch Account

User can switch accounts

Invide On Social Media

User can share app and scoreboard on social media platforms

Add New

User can add a new account

Teachers List

App provides teacher’s list

Parents List

App provides parent’s list

Select Topic

User can select their specific topic

Create Profile

User can create their complete profile

Create Profile

User can create their complete profile

Profile View

User can overview their profile


User gets time to time notifications

Edit Profile

User can edit their profile whenever they want

Select The Correct Sentence

User can select the correct sentence

Select the Adjective

User can select the correct adjective

Multiple Choice Questions

User can choose multiple choice questions

Multiple Choice Questions

User can choose multiple choice questions

Select The Correct Spelling

User can select the correct spellings

FAQ - Frequently Ask Question

The Script is completely Open Source. Once purchased(on live), the source will be given to Clients. It can be customized as per their needs.
The Script will be hosted in our Server. On Final handover, if the Client has purchased his own server. It will be hosted in his/her server. We will help in Installation of the Script with your Cpanel or FTP.
Our Scripts supports all types of elearning Gateway, including International. So once elearning Gateway is provided from your side, We will integrate it for you.
Yes. We Integrate API’s. Once the Client’s provide their preferred API. We will Integrate it for them. Minimum an API will be Integrated within a week.
On Final handover, Documentation of all the Panels will be provided for better understanding. So even a Non-Tech person would find it easy to work with it.

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