Create engaging grocery delivery apps that address every aspect of your business model.

Omninos Grocery Store

Grocery delivery services are becoming increasingly popular among households because they provide convenience, save valuable time, and money. With our user-friendly Omninos Grocery, you can quickly launch your own grocery delivery service. Our knowledgeable team of experts can assist you in developing a platform that is both white- label and customizable. We ensure that your platform is user-friendly and protected by the most up-to-date security protocols.


Our features were created with your business needs in mind and will help your app stand out:


The platform is used by the customer to search for items or stores.


They choose items, put them in a cart, and check them out.


The order is placed, and the nearest store and delivery person are notified.


The order is prepared by the store, and it is picked up by the delivery executive.


The customer receives their order and may provide feedback through your platform.


Our features were created with your business needs in mind and will help your app stand out:

Products Suggestions

Display products that are frequently purchased on your platform to assist customers in making an instant purchase..

Add to Shopping Cart

Help customers place orders more quickly by providing an optimized check out portal with an integrated payment gateway.

Access to Multiple Platformss

Customers can view and place orders from any platform, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Inventory Control

Your affiliate stores can monitor the status of their inventory to better manage their stock.

Program of Incentive

Customers should be rewarded for using your platform by engaging them in a long-term loyalty programme and periodic promotions.

Data Administration

Create reports automatically to better understand customer behavior and market trends.

Personnel Administration

Coordination between your delivery team and affiliate stores should be efficient in order to better serve your customers.

Order Monitoring

Assist customers in tracking the status of their orders from beginning to end.

Orders on Schedule

Allow customers to place orders for frequently purchased items that will arrive at a predetermined time and date

Overview :- Omninos Grocery Delivery App

Overview Omninos Grocery Delivery App Following the online trend in all industries, Omninos Infolabs - Grocery App Development Company here introduces "Omninos Grocery," a solution for all grocery store owners. With "Omninos Grocery," you can put your grocery store on your customers' mobile devices and give them a novel online grocery shopping experience. You can quickly add your company's logo and brand to our grocery delivery app script.

Uber For Groceries: A Modern-Day Miracle

E-commerce is no longer a purely urban phenomenon. It is now spreading to smaller towns and villages. All thanks to the popularity of the internet and smartphone devices, which allow people to easily connect to the internet.
As a result of the introduction of e-commerce, the web has become the new marketplace. You can buy groceries and other products online. Many businesses now have their own mobile application, such as the grocery delivery Script like Instacart Clone, which allows users to shop for a variety of grocery products online.

The Grocery App's Workflow:

  • Grocery Store Owner's Admin Dashboard (It is a web based panel which allows the Grocery shop owner to list all the products, get order details, and plan the on demand delivery accordingly)
  • Customers' iOS app

Admin Dashboard for Omninos Grocery App:

  • Each Grocery-Delivery Store Owner will have their own Login ID and Password. They will log in to their panels and see the entire dashboard there.
  • By going to Catalog>Categories, the Delivery Store Owner can add, edit, and delete as many categories and sub-categories as he wants.
  • He can add, edit, and delete as many products as he wants from his categories by going to Catalog>Products.
  • He can include different images of the various products.
  • From the mobile app, the admin can view the complete order details of the order placed by the customer.
  • Grocery Delivery Service The owner can also export all of his orders to an excel sheet by clicking on Export to Excel.
  • He has the ability to change the status of orders based on the stages such as Processed, Out for Delivery, and Completed.
  • By clicking on the Information tab, the Store Owner can also add information about their store such as contact information, about the store, and terms and conditions.
  • He can also view your Sales Report by Date, Month, or Year so that he has a clear picture of his overall business.
  • He has the option of adding as many Payment Gateways as he wants for his customers.
  • The grocery store owner can view all of his customers who have signed up through the mobile app.




User Application Flow

Splash Screen

App includes attractive splash screens when users first click on the app.


Log-in with your credentials on the app for a better user experience.


User can sign up for their new account in order to start their further use of the app.


User can select the categories according to their choices.


User can select the categories according to their choices.

Single Category

User has the facility to select the single categories selection according to their preference.

Special Deals

User while using the app gets to experience special deals and offers from time to time.

Shopping Cart

User can add their grocery items in their shopping cart.

Payment Method

User has the privilege to use numerous payment methods.


Users can order their groceries after choosing their grocery items in the end.

Sidebar Options

User can also explore the sidebar options.


User need to create their profile in order to book their grocery items.


User while using the app gets to experience deals and offers from time to time.

our company reviews

Dave Sick

Co-Founder- StompSessions

Omninos solutions has earned an exalted place in app development history by achieving the rare trifecta of delivering a high quality app on time, within budget, and according to spec. And the CEO Raj Sanghvi made it all a pleasant experience. I highly recommend Omninos solutions for software development.

Michael McCafferty

CEO + founder at DoubleM Systems

When I had my idea for my app I knew I had to find a developer. I had no idea it would be so difficult! It was a frustrating process until I talked to Omninos solutions. I had talked to at least 6 different companies and individuals who treated me like I was a bother more than a potential client. Omninos solutions has been wonderful! All of my work has been completed when promised and everything has been well explained along the way. I have an app that people love and I can see it developing into something really awesome. I can't say enough positive things about Raj and his team at Omninos solutions. They are professional, hard working and a pleasure to work with!


Founder, Save it! app

Working with Omninos solutions has been truly a blessing. Working with Omninos solutions has been spectacular in every way possible. From idea to creation and the entire evolvement process in between, the experience & results were fantastic. Omninos solutions ensures optimum care and enthusiasm for all of its projects that it takes on. My mobile application was all that I was hoping for and I am so thankful I found Omninos solutions to help me out. There are thousands upon thousands of software and mobile app companies on the market but I can assure you that Omninos solutions is among the top 1%. You can count on Omninos solutions!

Ethan West


The Omninos solutions team's economical development efforts on a technically advanced web platform using AWS, Ruby on Rails and MongoDB have been key to assist us in our product launch. Creating an application that is delivered over the web always has many challenges in coordinating requirements, insuring availability while being scalable, and assuring quality. I appreciated their flexibility to work toward our design goals as we created a new web based approach for creating and maintaining aging-in-place villages.

Brad Phillips

CIO, 40 years of IT Leadership experience

The team at Omninos solutions did an impressive job developing Belle Seek site in an aggressive time frame and within budget—the team worked tirelessly to get it done on time and are skilled problem solvers. We provided intricate design templates and I was happy to see that they were able to bring them to life beautifully. I found Omninos solutions team very responsive and readily available to address critical issues or answer questions, something that is very important when it comes to launching a website.


CEO + Founder

Working with Omninos solutions was an exceptional experience. We had an aggressive timeline to launch the NimbusCard app, six months to be exact. Our in-house team took care of the wireframing, design and user experience while Omninos solutions team handled the code base programming. It's tough to find a development firm that can handle complex programming while adhering to an aggressive timeline. And Omninos solutions exceeded our expectations. We will continue to use their services for future enhancements.

David Bareno

Founder of NimbusCard

I have been working with Omninos solutions for the past 6 months to build a web app from scratch that had previously taking a few years to accomplish on a previous platform. They have been a true partner during this process, helping architect a responsive scalable full featured SaaS app that both functions and looks great. What stands out most for me is the amount of time Omninos solutions invested in making sure I am happy with the result. Thanks Omninos solutions!

Mike Couture

Founder SmartLegal

Team at Omninos solutions really impressed us by building an Android app to our exact specifications on an aggressive timeline. It’s a pleasure working with this detail oriented, reliable team. 10/10, would collaborate with again.

John C

Production Manager

Omninos solutions approach is unique, when they see a need for a technology solution to a problem, they build it. They worked closely with us on a solution with responsive design that works on all platforms. They helped us in developing a user interface that is suitable for our customer’s unique requirements. We are a tech startup and we were doing 2-4 releases every month. Omninos solutions was flexible and adjusted their work based on our needs, requirements and priorities.