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Omninos provides impressive mobile app and website clone scripts for start-ups and entrepreneurs to start a productive Wundercar like ride sharing business. Amazing features and unique functionalities of our solution enhances the standard of your brand in the market while generating revenue.

About -Application

Wunder car pooling clone script is the script with which you can carpool or share your ride to save money on fuel, parking and tolls. It helps to reduce the air pollution and traffic congestion. Sometimes you want to go outside but because of your kids you can’t drive so at that time Wunder clone taxi app script will help you to get out of this situation. With this taxi booking script you just need to connect with someone who’s going your way and wants to share the ride. So both of you can save your money and time. By this taxi app development service without spending so much one can get comfort of the car journey. Wunder clone app gives you the easy registration process. Once you are a registered member then You just need to publish your ride , and have to decide who will go with you. Find the ride nearest to you and book or request a seat. And lastly you just enjoy the cheaper ride that you’ve ever made.

Live - Demo

Launch your Carpooling or ride sharing business now with our Wunder car clone app for all platforms like Android and iOS to the Web. We offer Wunder clone solution which are fully customizable that allows you to create your unique application. Generally the basic concept of ride sharing apps like Wundercar is car owners who are willing to give rides will provide the details of the cars along with the seats available to share with others. In addition, he also provides the cost for the seats which are available. Once after verifying the details, the admin will post the information and cost along with his commission in his app.
Click on Request Demo to go through our Bla Bla car pooling Demo.

Why Choose Omninos Wunder Clone?

Omnios Solutions understands that carpooling business can grow at a considerable pace as the business progresses. Through this app, car drivers interested in being a part of the carpooling business can share their commuting details on the app. This information is matched to riders desirous in travelling on the same route. Carpooling is a cost friendly option for both drivers and riders who can benefit by registering on the carpooling mobile app.
Omninos has developed native ready to launch rideshare mobile apps for both iOS & Android users. Our ready to launch ride sharing app will save your huge development cost and a long delivery time frame.

Our Features

Schedule Ride

Ability to schedule trips in advance that helps save time for both riders and drivers.


Customers will receive a verification through sms and email.

Review and Rating Methods

Drivers and Riders can use a rating system to grade each other to help make the platform better.

Different Payment Methods

Our Stripe Payment Gateway lets your users make payments right away via their credit or debit cards.

Accurate Estimates

A tool to help riders and drivers estimate how much they will spend or earn on a trip and how much time it will take.

Customer Support Chat

It includes customer support, customers can chat with the customer support team.

SOS & Panic Button

It includes a Sos Panic button to notify your family in case you are in danger.

Right Pricing

It shows the right pricing to the customers to know the actual pricing for a destination.

Cancel Trip

Customers have the right to cancel the trip by stating the appropriate reason to cancel the drive.

Document Uploading

Drivers have to upload documents for verification and to proceed .

Auto Offline

Drivers have the authority to go offline as per their needs when finding no bookings.

Interactive Map

The car pooling clone app can help drivers to reach the destination of their intended passengers and riders can track the cars.


Your customers have the advantage of finding the nearby cabs/drivers in real time on your customized uber like apps.

Visitor Type

Drivers are given the authority to drive as visitors to different cities, if the needed car type is not available in that city.


Drivers do have the exact earning ideas from their bookings.


Before proceeding verify through sms and email.

Driver Chat

VoIP calling feature uses the internet for relaying voice calls to protect the privacy of riders and drivers.

Multiple Country

Admin can add multiple countries in the app and can serve accordingly.

Multiple City

Admin can add multiple cities in the app and can serve in different locations too.

Multiple Service Types

Admins can add multiple car types like Hatchback, SUV, etc. and manage your business in a selected city.

Complete Statistics Report

It includes statistics report for detailed trip history, cancel trips etc in graph form.

Map View

As an admin you can see the drivers on the scheduled trip in the map with their live status.

Manage Reviews

Not only the previous clients but also new clients interested in taxi management get to know about your app using the review systems.

Payment Reports

Admin can see payment reports on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.

Promo Code

Reward performing drivers and regular customers with incentives, promo codes and referrals.


Admin can set bulk sms, emails to notify for new offers to drivers and customers.

User Part Application Flow

X Solu (ride sharing app) Splash screen

Splash Screen

User part includes attractive and user friendly splash screens.

Home Screen

It includes an interactive home screen to male user interface more attractive.

X Solu (ride sharing app) Home screen
X Solu (ride sharing app) registor screen


New Taxi App users can Register themselves with email and phone number registration methods.


This feature allows passengers to register directly from their mobile app via the login page.

X Solu (ride sharing app) Login screen
X Solu (ride sharing app) Reset Password screen

Reset Password

Users can reset their passwords through email or mobile number used during the registration process.

Enter Mobile Number

User needs to enter their mobile number so that driver can also call the user.

X Solu (ride sharing app) Mobile Number screen
X Solu (ride sharing app) Verification screen


User Needs to first verify mobile number through OTP to start experiencing app.


Users can search drivers for particular areas and can schedule rides.

X Solu (ride sharing app) Search screen
X Solu (ride sharing app) Schedule A Call screen

Schedule a Ride

If you don’t want to book now, then schedule your ride for a later hour. Our Uber-clone apps allow you to schedule your rides too!

Finding Ride Process

Users can check the ride process through google maps in the app.

X Solu (ride sharing app) Find Ride Process screen
X Solu (ride sharing app) Promotion/Free-ride screen


This is used to send invitations for promotions and coupons for free rides to passengers via text or email messages.


A user needs to complete his profile with all details like Name, email, number, address.

X Solu (ride sharing app) Profile screen
X Solu (ride sharing app) Add Payment screen

Add Payment

A User can add payments in their wallets to pay to the driver during rides.

My Bookings

A detailed history of all your rides, including the cancelled ones, is maintained in the application.

X Solu (ride sharing app) My Bookings screen

Driver Part Application Flow

Solu (ride sharing app) Register screen


This is the initial stage and users can register using their contact information, or via their social media accounts.


This feature allows drivers to register directly from their mobile app via the login page.

Solu (ride sharing app) Login screen
Solu (ride sharing app) Reset Password screen

Reset Password

Drivers can reset their passwords through email or mobile number used during the registration process.


Driver needs to first verify mobile number through OTP to start experiencing the app.

Solu (ride sharing app) Verification screen
Solu (ride sharing app) Select Vehicle Type screen

Select Vehicle type

Drivers have to select vehicle type and enter all details.

Upload Vehicle Photo

Driver needs to upload vehicle photos also.

Solu (ride sharing app) Upload Vehicle Data screen
Solu (ride sharing app) Add Vehicle Detail screen

Add Vehicle Detail

Driver needs to upload verified vehicle details to proceed.

Upload Document

Driver needs to upload documents related to his vehicle and his personal details.

Solu (ride sharing app) Upload Document screen
Solu (ride sharing app) Upload Driving Licence screen

Upload Driving Licence

Driver has to upload his verified driving license to proceed further.


Once the driver has accepted the ride, the pickup details are sent to the phone immediately, along with navigation details

Solu (ride sharing app) Request screen
Solu (ride sharing app) Live Route screen

Live Route

Drivers can get rides in a particular direction by providing a destination choice.

Track your Earnings

The driver can keep a tab on the amount they have earned in a day or in the week. They can even track the increase/decrease in the amount earned.

Solu (ride sharing app) Track your Earnings screen
Solu (ride sharing app) Profile screen


Users can create their profile with details such as name, location, phone number and more. They can also update their photo.

All Trips

We keep a record of all the trips you have managed, thus allowing you to go back whenever you want

Solu (ride sharing app) All Trips screen
Solu (ride sharing app) Wallet screen


The driver can keep a tab on the amount they have earned in a day or in the week. They can even track the increase/decrease in the amount earned.

My Bookings

A driver can check his bookings he accepted or rejected

Solu (ride sharing app) My Bookings screen

FAQ - Frequently Ask Question

Yes, our advanced Ola Clone Script and Lyft Clone Script are 100% customizable?
You will own the entire source code of your Application. The App will be hosted on your company server
Yes, we will be delighted to assist you with your app enhancement needs as per the agreement.
Yes, our development team will be in constant touch with you from the ideation stage to the launch of your app. Your inputs and suggestions are valuable during development.
No, there is no limit with regards to the number of trips a driver can make in a day. As per client's discretion, the limit of trips per day can be set accordingly.

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