Fiverr Clone App Development

By creating a Fiverr clone, you can provide robust and innovative solutions for freelancing apps on different platforms.

fiverr clone app

Fiverr is a platform where you can expand your business using different services offered by independent contractors, albeit for a small fee. The following line might be of interest to you if you want to create a similar app.
The Fiverr clone acts as a contractual link between Users and Service Providers (freelancers) (anyone in the vicinity). Customers can browse the entire list of gigs on our app and choose the one they want to take advantage of. A perfect platform for generating income for you is created when freelancers add the gigs they are available to work on.

Solution Proposed

Turnkey Approach

Our experts thoroughly comprehend your goals and create the best custom app experience for you. Resonate with your industry and user expectations, and with the help of our talented team, bring all of your ideas to life.

An effective admin dashboard

Through our interactive dashboards, you can track the app's metrics and performance all in one place. For a better admin experience, we incorporate admin-level dashboards into all of our Fiverr-like app solutions.

Product Scalability

In a rapidly changing landscape, our scalable offerings remain firm. We continue to integrate cutting-edge features into your freelance marketplace app, edging your business digitally.


Our Fiverr-style app development services are feature-rich while remaining cost-effective. Let's collaborate with our workforce to create an advanced freelancing app.

Native Mobile Applications

We create marketplace apps for both the Android and iOS platforms. Such distinct applications perform better on smartphones, providing all users with a world-class experience.

Whitelabel Alternative

Our team creates the best freelance apps for you, including your company name, logo, and other identifiable entities throughout the app.

Features Include

Trust, Security, and Safety

From payments to user privacy, we prioritize creating a safe community. We continue to support your app with the most recent security patches, further strengthening it.

Simple to Use

We guarantee that both buyers and sellers will find your app useful. With interactive features and dashboards, even administrators will find the app simple to use.

Find Job

Sellers can use your app to meet with the best recruits from around the world and easily get premium gigs.

Several Languages

With multilingual support and local payment gateways, our app enables you to target all users from all over the world.

OTP Validation

Users must register in order to use your freelance marketplace app. They must confirm their authenticity through OTP verification immediately after registering.

Out of the Office Mode

When sellers in your freelance community are not available to work, they can use our app to switch to 'out office mode.' In addition, if they already have multiple projects in the queue, they can activate the mode and restrict incoming projects.

What We Provide in Our fiverr like app

App for mobile devices
Our experts give your company a competitive advantage with robust and scalable solutions that work seamlessly across all mobile platforms.
Web App
Our team has created mind-boggling and feature-rich websites for your freelance marketplace business.
Admin Panel
In our application, we provide the most comprehensive and interactive dashboards to administrators. Activate the app and monitor the operations using the dashboard buttons directly.
Completely customizable
To fully meet your expectations, we incorporate preferred changes in our default Fiverr-like app solution. Our fully customizable solution can be tweaked and scaled to meet your needs at any time.
Options for Shagheel
We integrate multiple payment options for your app users to complete transactions with ease. Establish your dominance in the industry by allowing your users to use cards, net banking, and other Shagheel gateways.

Why should you use our Fiverr clone?

Mobile Catering Equipment

Omninos stellar Fiverr clone app is designed to improve your customers' mobile experience.

Total Customization

Our Fiverr Clone is completely customizable and will easily integrate your requirements.

Installation Is Simple

Our development team will handle the entire installation process; installation is the best way to ensure your app is tech ready.

Scalability of the product

With the app's scalability quotient on your side, we ensure you're always on top of your game.

Advertising Administration

Consumers and freelancers will visit the Fiverr clone app in large numbers. Ads can be easily integrated for increased revenue generation.


With the right advertisements and commissions, you will be able to tap into the right revenue stream with each successful service.

FAQ - Frequently Ask Question

The Script is completely Open Source. Once purchased(on live), the source will be given to Clients. It can be customized as per their needs.
The Script will be hosted in our Server. On Final handover, if the Client has purchased his own server. It will be hosted in his/her server. We will help in Installation of the Script with your Cpanel or FTP.
Our Scripts supports all types of Shagheel Gateway, including International. So once Shagheel Gateway is provided from your side, We will integrate it for you.
Yes. We Integrate API’s. Once the Client’s provide their preferred API. We will Integrate it for them. Minimum an API will be Integrated within a week.
On Final handover, Documentation of all the Panels will be provided for better understanding. So even a Non-Tech person would find it easy to work with it.

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