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Purplle Beauty Shopping is an er-commerce website that sells a certain type of product. It sells beauty goods for women's lips, eyes, face, nails, and more. Purplle beauty shopping also includes a vast selection of mid-priced and high-end brands.

Your Own Custom Purplle clone app

The website and application are both visually appealing and simple to use. Anyone interesPurplle in investing in on-demand e-commerce websites like Purple can borrow ideas from them and incorporate them into their own projects.

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Available for Android and iOS

Expertized Developers

Easily Accomodate a number of user activity

Easy to operate apps

Efficient cost

Proper deliverable management of product

Secure installation

Best support and maintenance

After sales support

What makes us distinct from other cosmetic app development company?

  • Comprehensive customizations

  • Timely deployment

  • Secure installation

  • Multi-platform operations

  • Appropriate support & maintenance

  • Cost-efficient solutions

  • Powerful admin dashboard

  • Performance scalability

  • Cloud tech integration



Customers that choose this option can utilise this functionality to register for the mobile application. Customers can also opt to login by making an account or by instantly logging in using their Google account.

Sign in

After completing the registration procedure, users can log in to the mobile app by clicking here and providing their ID and password.

User profile

The user profile function will display all of the user's general information, such as full name, address, location, phone number, and email address.

Check out the following items

Users can utilise the Browse tool to look at all of the products that are available.

Products from Smart Search include

Customers will be able to search for their desired products immediately from the search bar thanks to the Smart Search products feature.

Order status

The consumer will utilise this option to follow their order in real time.

Management of Orders

The user can utilise this option to review their order history and repeat the same order at their leisure.

Various payment options

Users will be able to make payments using a variety of options, including PayPal, Paytm, debit card, and credit card.


This option allows the user to give feedback on the things they have purchased.

Frequently Ask Question - FAQ

We will provide you with the best solution and will also provide comprehensive customization, secure installation, cost efficient solutions, cloud tech integration, powerful admin dashboard and many more.
yes, in the app we have multiple payment options like credit card, debit card, UPI and Bar code Reader. You will get all the payment options in the app.
Yes our taxi app will support multiple currency options. You can get paid in any currency.
Yes, we do provide after sales services for your best support.
We employ a two-step verification when it comes to registering drivers. The first step collects preliminary information such as name and contact details, while the second step requires drivers to submit supporting documents digitally.

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