Hangouts Clone App

Complete white-label solution to launch your own Hangouts-like Application.

Hangouts Clone Script is a powerful and feature-rich Video On Demand Platform Script that assists you to develop and launch your own Video Streaming App.

Development of Multiplayer Hangouts Clone App

Well, recent updates to the Hangouts App have made it incredibly easy to use. It also adds sophistication to watching related content according to a single person's needs. Hangouts has become one of the top-grossing apps in the US thanks to the alluring experience it offers. Now, this magnificent element of a novel experience might inspire you to create an app similar to this for your smartphone. We assist you in starting a streaming video or audio service similar to Netflix, Spotify, Ted, Soundcloud, YouTube, Hangouts, etc. delivering an all-inclusive solution with high-caliber performance that is featured on the web, mobile devices, and TV apps as well.

Why Choose our Hangouts Clone App?

Full customization and branding

Easily accommodate multiple users' activities

Accessible on both iOS and Android

Dedicated admin panel for controlling all application features.

Code must be provided for full customization.

Developed by a skilled group of Web and mobile developers

Free bug assistance during the support period

proper product deliverable management

What sets us apart from other Hangouts Clone App development companies?

  • Detailed customizations

  • Prompt deployment

  • Installation that is safe

  • Operations on multiple platforms

  • The right kind of support and maintenance

  • Affordable solutions

  • An effective admin dashboard

  • Scalability of performance

  • Integrating cloud technology


Customer Profile

Users can make a profile for themselves on this site where they can manage all of their information, including Name, Age, Gender, and Payment Options, Watch history, etc. They can also add their favorite movies or videos.

Incorporating a payment gateway

If you want to accept payments from your customers, this feature is a must-have. Users can pay you securely when they want to make a purchase if you have a payment gateway.

Search by Content

It is crucial to take the search and filter features into account for a platform that offers thousands of different types of video content. Users will be able to look for their preferred television programmes and motion pictures using this feature.


Having a comment feature in the social media age is a bonus because it allows users to give feedback, reviews, and ratings for your content.

Notification via Push

Instant notifications to users deliver trending and captivating videos to them, increasing the rate at which videos are clicked. In the end, it increases your income.

Review and Ratings

It’s a great way of engaging the audience. With the help of this characteristic, viewers can go through the ratings and reviews and can actually decide whether they want to watch a particular video or skip it altogether.

Ratings and Reviews

It works extremely well at keeping the audience engaged. With the aid of this feature, users can read the ratings and reviews and make an informed decision regarding whether to watch a particular video or not.

Multiple Device Support

You should not limit your Netflix clone app to just one single platform. Your videos should support all the three major OS players available at present: Android, iOS, and Windows.

Automatic Playlist

You can give your users the option to create a list of content that suits their individual tastes, which they can then watch whenever they want or share on social media.

Support for multiple devices

Your Hangouts clone app shouldn't be limited to a single platform, and your videos should be compatible with all three of the most popular OS players currently on the market: Android, iOS, and Windows.

Support for multiple languages

To increase user numbers, our Hangouts clone will support more languages. The management of content in various languages can be done affordably and effectively with multiple languages content.

The Social Sign-In

Using social login, you can enable faster login for your users and remove the need for them to remember multiple login credentials. Social logins boost enrollment as well.

User Application Flow

Add a user

Users can access their accounts by entering their username and password.

Video conference

Users can sign up for the Hangouts clone app using their email address/phone number and password.

Flow of conversation

Users must verify their accounts in the app by entering the correct otp procedure.

Participate in the Meeting

Users will receive a message indicating that their verification was successful.

Pin chatting

Users will receive a variety of instructions within the app.

Introducing History

On the home page, users will see various categories such as games, music, and news.


Users can edit their profile and fill out personal information in the profile section.

Frequently Ask Question - FAQ

Yes, Playnow is our IP. Once you purchase the license, you can claim complete ownership of the mobile app and website.
Yes, We do provide three months of free technical support.
Yes, We can customize Hangouts script as per your requirement
Please drop us an email on [email protected] . We will get back to you in 12 working hours.
Omninos Solutions Offers complementary services for script installation and app publishing.
Clients can submit the request for the admin demo on [email protected] . Our team will get back to you with more details.
Yes, it will be one-time payment only for this script. Customization will be charged on an hourly basis.
Yes, we will help you with product customization. Please reach out to us on [email protected] with more details.

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