On-Demand Beauty Services App Development

We design and develop iOS and Android apps for beauty salons.

Salon applications can increase your visibility, attract new customers, and help to build a good customer base. All of these credits can be achieved through the best mobile application development.

Uber for Beautician App Development Company

Our On-Demand Beauty Services App Development generally attracts customers to book an appointment in no time. They can trace free time slots that are available in their desired solon. There is nothing that is more easy to book an appointment beforehand with their favorite parlor. Our beauty app also contains a number of different and attractive hairstyles. It displays the type and details at the time of booking an appointment.
This system allows users to edit and send out automatic Email & SMS messages both to admins and clients upon a new booking, payment or cancellation.

Why Choose our Uber for Beautician App?

Complete customizable and branding

Available for Android and iOS

Easily accommodate a number of users activity

Dedicated Admin panel to manage all the features of the application

Provide code to adopt complete customization

Free bug support in the support period

Build by a well-experienced team of Web and Mobile developers

Proper Deliverable management of product

What makes us distinct from other Uber for Beautician App development company?

  • Comprehensive customizations

  • Timely deployment

  • Secure installation

  • Multi-platform operations

  • Appropriate support & maintenance

  • Cost-efficient solutions

  • Powerful admin dashboard

  • Performance scalability

  • Cloud tech integration


Beautician’s availability toggle

The customer can check the beauticians availability before fixing appointments with them. Beauticians can accept or reject your request as per their schedule.

Beautician Profile

The customer can view beautician profiles before fixing appointments with them and can check their availability.

Schedule Appointment

Using this feature your customer can schedule for any service, if your customer fails to avail the service at the scheduled time, they can reschedule the booking.

Payment Integration

The customer can select any of the payment options according to his/her convenience. The options mainly include Netbanking, Credit card, Debit Card, and Paytm, etc.

Push Notification

The customer can get notifications related to latest discounts, special offers and the latest app updates.

Review and Ratings

It’s a great way of engaging the customers. With the help of this characteristic, viewers can go through the ratings and reviews and canactually decide whether they want to take service or skip.


Users can search the nearby salons and select the salon to book their appointment for their services at their available time. Or users can search the salons or beauty experts to book their appointment.

Search by Specialist

Users can search according to speciality.Customers can visit with the beauticians in regards to the timings, administration charges, clarifying location or some other concern.

Bill Estimation

Users can have the bill estimation and invoice of their services taken or added in the card to have the total estimation of the bill

Accept/ Reject Request

The salon owner can have the access to view their user bookings, accept/reject bookings, reschedule the bookings etc. So that beauty salon owner can assign the beautician to the customer to meet their requirements.

Verified Providers

Users can search for verified providers and can book appointments as per their needs.

Profile Setup

The salon owner can add and manage their own portfolio and showcase their beauty services like hairstyles, makeup, facials etc., to attractcustomers.

User Application Flow

Step 1

Users have the attractive splash screens for old age customers.

Step 2

Users have the attractive splash screens for womens.

Step 3

Users have the attractive splash screens for mens.

Step 4

Users have the attractive splash screens for childrens.

Select Language

Users can select language as per their choice.


Users can login into an app with username and passwords.


Users can register into the app with email and phone number.

Choose Gender

Users can select gender from the options.

Salon Catogory

Users can select saloon category from various mentioned in the app.

Salon Lists

Users can view nearby saloon list as per their location

Salon Details

Users can view saloon details regarding timings, location etc.

Map Search

Users can search nearby salons in the map.

Salon Services

Users can view details about salon services they are providing.

Home Services

Users can view a list of services the salon is providing at home.

View Cart

Users can view carts and services they have added in their cart.

Book Appointment

Users can book appointments as per their needs with selected specialists.

Select Date

Users can select dates to schedule their appointments.

Top Rated Salon

Users can see reviews and ratings and top rated salons nearby.

Special Offers

Users can view the list of special offers by the salons.

Menus List

Users can view menu lists and services salons are providing.

Profile View

Users can view profiles of the beauticians before booking appointments.

Edit Profile

Users can edit their profiles sections to keep it updated.


Users can add their favourite salons in list of favourites.


Users have a separate section for push notifications and offers.


Users can view a list of their scheduled bookings with time and location.

Contact Us

Users can see a contact us page to contact the salon.

Customer Services

Users have a customer support service section for help.

Choose Your Favorite Color Theme

Users can select their favourite color theme for the app.


Users can rate and salon and their services according to their experience.

Terms & conditions

Users have a section for terms and conditions.


Users can view a section for about where complete information is mentioned.


Users can share their favourite salon services with their friends too.

Invite Salon

Users can also invite salons to accept requests.

Provider Application Flow

Step 1

Providers have attractive splash screens for old age customers.

Step 2

Providers have attractive splash screens for womens.

Step 3

Providers have attractive splash screens for mens.

Step 4

Providers have attractive splash screens for childrens.

Select Language

Providers can select language as per their choice.


Providers can login into an app with username and passwords.


Providers can register into the app with email and phone number.

Map Search

Providers can search people seeking for services nearby.

Salon Services

Providers can update the list of salon services.

Edit Profile

Providers can edit their profiles with latest qualifications.

Business Profile

Providers can make a business profile to serve customers.

Menus List

Providers can see the menu list with profile, bookings, offers etc


Providers can see the notifications of their customers requests.


Providers can view the list of their bookings with scheduled date and time.

Home Services

Providers can view the list of home services scheduled with details.

Add More Services

Providers can add more services with details in the app.

Services added Successfully

Providers can view the services added and will get a popup message.


Providers can list down various packages for customers to increase sales.

Contact us

Providers can provide a contact us page for their users for any query.

Customer Services

Providers need to provide customer services in case of any help needed.


Providers can mention holidays in advance to ease for customers to schedule.

Terms & Conditions

Providers can mention their terms and conditions in the app page.


Providers have a about section to mention complete information.


Providers can share their profiles and offers on different social media.


Providers can see ratings given to them by various customers.

Pending Jobs

Providers can see the pending jobs in the list scheduled by customers.

Profile View

Providers can view and edit their profile section.

Frequently Ask Question - FAQ

We will provide you with the best solution and will also provide comprehensive customization, secure installation, cost efficient solutions, cloud tech integration, powerful admin dashboard and many more.
Yes, your team will be updated during the whole development process.
Yes, You can block suspicious users from the app.
If the digital ocean server is purchased, web installation would be completed within 48 hours. For Android and iOS app submissions, it takes upto 48 hours to upload the files and the mobile app stores have to review the app in submission from there on (The app goes live when the app stores complete the review).
Omninos Solutions Offers complementary services for script installation and app publishing.
We strongly recommend against modifying or changing the code. If the script is modified, our team would not be able to further work on it and the support package coverage ends.
Refund will not be provided after the product is handed over to you, if you've opted for installation support package. For source code purchase we strictly don't entertain any refunds since the vulnerability to the code is high. If there are any challenges faced in installation, our experts will be at your disposal through Skype/mail. We recommend you to go through the feature list carefully and test them out from the demo before you make the purchase.

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