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What is TikTok clone & Dubsmash clone?

TikTok is one of the world's leading entertainment and music streaming mobile apps developed by Byte Dance headquartered in China for both the Android and iOS platforms. The company has the intention to create a platform that allows the user to capture and present their creative video making sense to the world. The users can create a video about daily lifestyles, knowledge, and memories that can be uploaded to showcase their creativity directly from their smartphones.

The Features of TikTok Clone App

Song/Audio Selection

Select your favorite tracks or upload your own, for your custom video dubbed post with your own song or audio selection.

Dubbing and Video Selfie

Record custom music-dubbed video selfie posts or record performances - Multiple options to help users become mini internet stars themselves on our customisable Tik Tok clone. Users can set video speed preferences to create videos in slow-mo or fast..

Picture filters and stickers

Create your pictures with multiple filters and stickers, share on your profile, with other users or on other social channels as well on the tiktok clone customisable app.

Multi-Video/Picture sharing

Share your dubbed video or media under specific categories, on your profile, with other users or on other social channels as well on the tiktok clone customisable app.

Create your Channel

Users can start their own unique channel in the customisable tiktok clone app. Based on privacy settings, users can set their channels to be viewed by the public or only by friends.

News Feed

Based on the user’s followers & following, the news feed is constantly updated to showcase the latest posts from other users, channels, top viewed posts in the area, local/globally trending channels & more. Designed for maximum user engagement rate.

View & Like Your Favorite Posts

Users can view posts of various users & channels. Like, comment and share posts also on the customisable tiktok clone app..

Multiple Media Attachment Chat Options

Tiktok clone social video dubbing & sharing script is integrated with an in-app chat module with a wide variety of multimedia sharing options.


Going live is such a lot easier on our live video streaming solution. Their friends are going to be notified and that they can watch the live stream in real time on our live video streaming solution.

In-Built Video editor and music library

The app offers up-to-date means for video editing and choosing music. The toolset includes a variety of filters, AR effects, animations and stickers, intuitive editing tools, and an outsized music library of any genre.

Secret Chats Between Users

Users can create in-app groups with other users to have secret chats with them . Inspired by Snapchat, the tiktok clone script is integrated with a ‘Secret Chat’ feature allowing users to have private conversations, with other users, that will be erased automatically once done.

User Reporting

Report other users or posts on a number of reasons. This helps maintain high content quality standards on your tiktok clone app.

What your TikTok Clone Look like

Make Money With TikTok Clone

App purchase

You can make money by buying and launching this app with your branding on play store or apple store to make a huge profit.

Venture Capital

In a nutshell, free apps make money using one of these monetization strategy: Advertising, Subscriptions, Selling Merchandise, In-App Purchases, Sponsorship, Referral Marketing, Collecting and Selling Data, Freemium Upsell, Physical Purchases, Transaction Fees, and Crowdfunding

Selling the app

You can make money by selling your app to good companies or teams, so that they can make profits by launching your quality content in the market.


An app owner just must display commercials inside their mobile application or choose affiliate marketing and obtain paid from the third-party ad networks. you'll get paid whenever per impression per click on the ad, and when a user installs the advertised app.

What is the Cost
of TikTok Clone App Development?

TikTok can be said to be the fastest-growing app in the entertainment or social media app industry. After achieving more than 800 million users on TikTok in just 3 years of its launch TikTok has surpassed Instagram in achieving the fastest number of downloads on the play store. Development cost may vary as per features and customisations.

Why Choose Omninos TikTok Clone

100% Customizable Solutions

Our video sharing script can be customized to support a number of unique video-based social media platforms like music & video dubbing social apps, video selfie apps, live video streaming apps etc. Based on your unique idea, tiktok clone will be customised to the niche accordingly.

In-App Purchase integration

Even though TikTok doesn't have these features, if you are keen on making a music app then keep in mind that in-app purchase option can be a great opportunity to earn money. What in-app purchase basically means is charging a small sum of money from the user to upgrade to the premium version or to unlock a few features.

Advanced Prebuilt Scripts

With our proprietary pre-built video dubbing script,video selfie script, best video sharing cms, etc – We move the simplest social video selfie solution from development to deployment faster than any other social media app developers out there.

Scalable Design

All tailored social Tik Tok-like apps and other Dubsmash-like solutions built using the tiktok clone app & dubbing script are designed keeping the best SEO & ASO practices for apps in mind.

Multi-Currency and Multi-Language

Irrespective of your location or currency preference, tiktok clone can be tailored for various Tik Tok, Dubsmash clone ideas around the world.


Our pre-built social video dubbing script isn't only robust & scalable but extremely secure also . SSL-powered API’s, Keychain, JWT, reverse proxy setup etc ensures that security extends all the way from the app to each individual API.

Our Application Flow

Splash Screen

It includes attractive splash screens to make the user experience interactive.

Sign In

Users can Sign In to the tiktok clone app using their Email id/Phone number and password.

Log in

Users can login into their account by entering their username and password.

Trending hashtags

Trending hashtags to categorized your video and Photos


Post the images and videos for your love ones

Multi live

Multi live with friends, family and love ones

PK battles

Users can also follow hashtags in the mobile application and can view the videos posted with the same hashtag.


Let them dub their own voice for uploaded audio tracks & record the same with their phones

Profile's videos

Users can upload profile videos which have been created/shooted by the user.


Users can view feeds from various users that are registered in the mobile application, posts from people they are following on the homepage

Video Filters

Variety of effects & filters are available for the users to edit their recorded video contents

Like, Comment & Share

Users can like the videos posted by other users, comment on them and share them.

Zoom Option

User will get the feature of zooming the image or video while shooting to have a closer view.

Apply Effects

Ocean of augmented filters which are a life-like object placed as a filter on the video to be posted on the app platform.

Write Text

Users can write text on images or videos while applying filters on it.

Apply Stickers

Add special stickers to allow users share their videos in interesting ways.


User can create his personalised channel and can upload videos on it.


Let them dub their own voice for uploaded audio tracks & record the same with their phones

Best CMS For Tiktok Clones / Dubsmash Clones

Centralized Dashboard for Overall Management

A centralised dashboard will plug into your different information sources and concentrate precisely what is essential for your business execution examinations, plug into your current frameworks implies that you can continue utilizing the frameworks that work for you. Another significant positive of utilizing a brought together dashboard is that you can have the specific data that you need.

Diverse Posts

you can share recordings and pictures from over 25+ Channels on the stage including design, parody and jokes, natively constructed medicinal services arrangements, amusement, singing, sports, news and some more.

Live Stream

Users can do live stream for media advancements for making systems of live sight and sound shared among individuals, organizations and associations.


The versatile wallet is an application that can be introduced on a cell phone or it is a current work in highlight of a cell phone. A versatile wallet stores Mastercard, charge card, coupons, or prize cards data.

Chat & Call

Chat features provide an upgraded, rich messaging and calling experience.

Video of Our Application

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Overall RimJhim Admin Features


It gives visual portrayal of key execution pointers (KPIs) and different measurements. The data can be as diagrams, graphs, or maps and with alternatives for clients to additionally penetrate down the information.

User Management

The Users List permits executives to deal with all the clients representing the association, including, expelling, and altering singular records varying.


By showing Category pages on our page, we give that individual a significant level review of the points we've expounded on. This allows the client to tap on the things that he/she is keen on.


By demonstrating numerous Channels on your page, we give that individual a noteworthy level audit of the focuses we've clarified. This permits the customer to tap on the things that he/she is enthused about.

App Description

It significantly impacts your item's prosperity. There are three parts of an application's 'definition': its Name, its Description in the commercial center, and Screenshots.


It contains at least one snares and implies that unequivocally advances the item or administration being publicized, as a rule using at least one promoting trademarks.

Star User

Customers using the app can star or save their favorite posts or user of the post for future use.

Business Button

People who use social media as a basic necessity of their exhibiting framework or business generally showcase quantifiable results and can make their profiles open and make it a business page by the app element i.e; the business button.

Business Profile

Individuals who utilize web-based social networking as an essential piece of their showcasing system for the most part observe quantifiable outcomes can make their profiles public and make it a business page by the app’s feature.

Reasons for Reporting

Users have the advantage to report a spam or troll by mentioning the reasons which will already be self built in the app.


Users will receive more and more reward points with time and usage of the app.


Enter the hashtag ( #hashtag #example ) in the video's title or portrayal. Hashtags in the title and portrayal will be hyperlinked. In the event that there are no hashtags in the title, the initial three hashtags in the portrayal will show over the video title.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

All our products can be scaled vertically and horizontally. All the backend components can be dockerized and clustered. Our products are built to support 100’s of thousands of users. A good solid server infrastructure as shown below is a good example of a configuration built for scale.
We are deeply inspired by the popular apps we create CLONE PRODUCTS off but we by no means acquire any source code from any of these awesome companies and products.
We have taken strong and definitive steps to ensure we don’t step any legal boundaries with any other popular product. We use the word CLONE mostly as a marketing trick and we in NO WAY reverse engineer any app to make our products. All our products have been built ground up in the company.
We have also taken steps to ensure we add unique flavors into the product to guarantee they stand out in the market-place. We have also ensured we put in unique UI elements so that it does not look exactly the same as any other popular product.

Most secure app infrastructure in the market where security extends from the mobile app to the API’s.

  1. Use of keychain on iOS and Android to store all credentials.
  2. All API’s are secured with a wildcard SSL certificate.
  3. Use of JWT and JWE for securing all API’s.
  4. Load Balancer supported for horizontal scaling.
  5. All customer data on the server is encrypted using 128 bit AES encryption.
  6. Tele call between patient and healthcare professional is via secure WebRTC which is running on a secure WebRTC gateway which in-turn is running on a on-premise ( self hosted or cloud hosted ) server infrastructure.
  7. Rate limit API and controller access to minimize the harm from automated attack tooling.
  8. App secured from any DB injection.
  9. App protected from clickjacking protection, XSS, MIME-Sniffing, HSTS, HPKP or set the CORS settings. 
  10. Security headers are enabled.
  11. Scripts are not deployed with default credentials, particularly for admin users
  12. Uses a server-side, secure, built-in session manager that generates a new random session ID with high entropy after login. Session IDs should not be in the URL. Ids should also be securely stored and invalidated after logout, idle, and absolute timeouts.
  13. JWT tokens are invalidated on the server after logout.
At the time of writing this page we have no RESELLERS of our products. We also don’t allow any of our customers to re-sell the product once they acquire it from us. We do share the source code of the product with our customers but we provide them with a perpetual license which is bound by a contract that we sign when we are issued a purchase order. There is no license key in our software products but the legal contract that we sign prohibits our customers from re-selling our source code to any one else.
We built Omninos.in with a mission to accelerate your journey to become an entrepreneur. Every entrepreneur’s dream is to be acquired for multi million dollars and therefore we in no way prohibit you from selling your company to anybody else. The perpetual license will be transferred to the company that acquires your company and the same rules from point (4) will apply to that company as well.

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