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Omninos school bus software is trusted by contractors to help them manage and track school buses on a daily basis. Our school bus software integrates with both our personnel compliance and preventative maintenance solutions to provide school bus contractors with precise statistics and information that is easily accessible, from organising school bus charters to creating coverage for daily routes.

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Omninos School Bus Software is more than just a bus scheduling tool. Our school bus management system is the best foundation for everyday school bus contractor procedures, as it efficiently manages charter and driver management, dispatch processes, school bus distribution, client billing, and driver payment. The software focuses on critical benchmarks that illustrate what each school bus earns, including a profit and loss analysis for each charter, to provide more precise pricing methodologies.

Why Choose our app Like School Bus Management?

Complete customizable and branding

Available for Android and iOS

Easily accommodate a number of users activity

Dedicated Admin panel to manage all the features of the application

Provide code to adopt complete customization

Free bug support in the support period

Build by a well-experienced team of Web and Mobile developers

Proper Deliverable management of product

What makes us distinct from other Hotel And Flight App development company?

  • Comprehensive customizations

  • Timely deployment

  • Secure installation

  • Multi-platform operations

  • Appropriate support & maintenance

  • Cost-efficient solutions

  • Powerful admin dashboard

  • Performance scalability

  • Cloud tech integration


Tracking in real time

Real-time tracking of your school buses ensures that you always have control over your fleet.

App for Parents

Parents can access real-time location information on their children, as well as their boarding and drop-off times, using the Parent App.

App for SafeBus drivers

The SafeBus driver app assists drivers with navigation, pickup spots, attendance tracking, and SOS alarms.

Get notified

Get notifications on bus deviations from usual routes, boarding and deboarding, and more.

Keep note of everything

Keeping track of daily attendance and sending reminders to parents is a good idea.

Get access to your trip's history

You can look at your journey history at any time up to a year ago.

User Application Flow

Splash Screen

Users get the interactive screens to go with the flow.


Users can book airlines as per their choice.


Users can book hotels as per their need and choice.


Users can book cruises as per their taste


Users can book cars for their rides.


Users can login into the app using email or number.


Users can register in the app by creating an account.

Forgot Password

Users can reset passwords using registered email.


Users have various icons on the home screen to book, view and search.

Search Flight

Users can search flight as per their choice.

Flight List

Users can have a look on flight tickets to book.

Book Ticket Now

Users can book flight tickets from one place to another.

Confirm Ticket

Users can confirm tickets and can pay online.


Users can checkout after payment for flight bookings.

Traveller Details List

Users can have details list of the travellers.

Add Traveller Details

Admin can add traveller details in the app.

Search Hotels

Users can search hotels as per their preference.

Hotels List

Users can search hotels from the list.

Hotel Details

Users can view the hotel details in the app list.

Book Hotel Now

Users can book hotels anytime from the list.

Send Booking Detail On Email

Booking details will be sent on the email.

Side Menu

Users can have various icons in side the menu for settings.

Profile View

Users can check their profile and can edit.

My Bookings

Users can check current and previous bookings done.


Users will get notifications for all updates.

Share Trip On Social Media

Users can share their trips on social media.


Users can look for help options in case an issue occurs.

Contact Us

Users can contact admin in case of any help needed.

About Us

Users can check about the company with all details.


Users can do online payment for booking services online.

Frequently Ask Question - FAQ

The cost to develop an app like School Bus Management depends on various factors as mentioned in the above article. The final cost is estimated by knowing your requirements. Development cost also depends on the complexity of the app and how much time will be consumed on it.
At Omninos, you get the pre-developed app, hence get the right price on an urgent basis. And if you desire to have your app functionality better than the original School Bus Management, we also facilitate on-demand advanced features for your personalized travel project.
School Bus Management is an on-demand online travel agency (OTA), that makes it easy for travellers to book hotels, flights, trains, buses, and other transport mediums.
With School Bus Management like app, users can also see the estimated cost along with the date and time availability of the bookings.
If you contact Hashstudioz for your School Bus Management clone app development, a minimum of 3 day time is required. Yes, you heard it right just 3 days for your app like School Bus Management.
However, The timeframe also depends on the additional work you want for your personalized app.
Both Native & Hybrid Platforms are perfect when it comes to School Bus Management Clone development. But, if you want to go with the advanced features including emerging technologies like AI, we would suggest you go with the Native platform.

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